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The latest model car from BMT for 1/8 On / Road is finally available!
After the success of the BMT 984, we are back with a completely new car.

The BMT 902 is supplied in kit form, disassembled.
To complete the kit requires a 2-channel radio control, á .21 engine and accessories for the ignition.

Great attention BMT has been given to the ultra-low center of gravity, one of the lowest in the category due to the shape of the tank and the disposal of the servos who are both lying down, where it was specially designed for this unique support that incorporates all the electronics that with only 3 screws out of the model is to facilitate maintenance operations.

Lightweight, everything has been reduced where possible, then the transmission is very light and smooth, the 2-speed change is also small and light, and have the 0.80 module, this translates into greater engine performance , better braking and reduced fuel consumption.

The front and rear suspensions are equipped with Alu bulckhead for strength, and all plastics can be mounted both left and right, with a great saving on parts to buy.

At the front, the adjustment of the wire bar has been improved, now thanks to a small pivot, it is very easy to adjust it.

The geometers are all new, with long arm levers, for better driving ease, and cornering speed.

Great care has been given to the construction of the chassis, which has been done to ensure equal asymmetrical twist to the left and right side.

Radio Plate have the alu. bushings in the kit for flex system .
The BMT servo saver (Adjustable!), brake lever, radio plate support, etc. is in alu. the car isreally full optional.

The BMT radio plates, dampers support and other plate are made in carbon fiber.
The clutch is Centax in version.

Now update with Alu. clutch bell.

The BMT body supports are in alu, and are eccentric, so as to vary the position of the body quickly.

Technical data:

Category: 1/8 On -road
Transmission: belt 4wd
Gearbox: 2-speed
Clutch: Adjustable centax
Supports adjustable bodywork
Adjustable anti-roll bars
Fully adjustable suspension
Ventilated disc brake
Low center of gravity
Radio plate and shock absorbers support made in carbon fiber
chassis in Alu 5mm
125ml tank with built-in filter
Dual Tensioner Belt Side
All Transmission with ball beargins


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