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B-YZ4SF2 Yokomo YZ-4SF2 4wd Offroad Car Kit

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Yokomo YZ-4SF2 4wd Offroad Car Kit


The Yokom YZ-4SF, which has been well reputed by many drivers for its high driving performance, has evolved even further! The bulkhead, motor mount, slipper clutch, etc. have been significantly lightened weight, resulting in dramatically improved movement performances. The base ability has improved by polishing the areas that cannot be reached by setting or driving, and the operability is also improved by setting Ackerman ratio.

The latest incarnation of the IFMAR World Championship winning Yokomo YZ-4 platform utilises about 80 percent of new or redesigned parts with the bulkheads, motor mount, and slipper clutch being significantly lighter for improved overall performance. Also included is a new steering system that features an updated Ackermann geometry that is of a milder setting to compensate the improved overall agility due to the lower car weight, which comes in handy especially on high-bite surfaces for smoother, more predicable car control. New to the SF2 are also updated front and rear lower arms that now feature 3.5mm inner and 3.0mm outer suspension pins for durability. The arms are of a reinforced design for improved durability and new lower shock mount inserts enable the driver to access more complex setups. As for the slipper clutch, the new design is a lot smaller for a lower weight and quicker spool up, ensuring crisp throttle response. The included battery mount allows to shift the battery pack forth and back to adjust the overall weight balance while the new gearboxes allow for diff height adjustments to better adapt the buggy to different traction conditions while new cam-type inner upper camber link mounts allow for quick setup changes.


New designed Aluminum lightweight front and rear bulkheads New designed Aluminum lightweight motor mount New designed Lightweight slipper unit New designed steering system New design front and rear suspension arms High durability Φ3.5mm inner suspension pin adopted Bush type upper arm pivot (inside) Changeable battery positions Roll center adjustable bush insert rear hub carrier For dirt, and carpet springs / stabilizers are also included.



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