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SANWA Brushless ESC Super Vortex Zero Purple - SANWA 107A54233A

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Sanwa Super Vortex Zero Brushless ESC

SPECIAL EDITION of brushless ESC Super Vortex Zero PURPLE manufactured by SANWA.

The Sanwa Super Vortex is a sensor controlled speed control that is suited for Electric Onroad, Electric Offroad and 1/12 Onroad racing. It features a 4.5T motorlimit when operated with 7.4V (2S LiPo) and 3.5T motorlimit when operated with 3.7V (1S LiPo). The Sanwa Super Vortex can be directly programmed from the Sanwa M12 transmitter, when a RX-472 receiver is used.

The Super Vortex offers another special feature for racers using the Sanwa M12 or MT-4 & RX-472 receiver: due to the SSL system (Sanwa Synchronised Link), motor RPM and temperature as well as the speedo temperature can be read out and saved without any additional optional sensor.


  • Back cancel function
  • Boost Zero displaying function
  • SSR/SHR/NOR automated recognition & displaying function
  • 8 program mode
    - Full Brake rate
    - Neutral Brake rate 
    - Drive feel
    - Neutral Brake feel 
    - Brake feel 
    - Boost timing (Advanced timing)
    - Turbo 
    - Boost curve
  • SSL function


Additional features:

  • Able to derive the motor in the maximum power - Achieve a control of temperature rise and significant performance up than our products in the past by reduction of loss resistance
  • Multi protection system - Protect the unit from low-voltage detection, anomaly sensor cable, motor lock, main unit overheating, motor overheating( *1) (*1)only the motor with built-in temperature sensor
  • Direct Copper design terminal - Minimize the loss by connecting the power wire directly.
  • Multi-battery support - Multi-battery supporting by setting the cut-off voltage.


Set includes:

  • Sanwa Super Vortex Brushess ESC Purple
  • Colour: purple
  • Sensor cable
  • Cooling fan
  • Power wire


Manufacturer stock No. 107A54233A


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