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Bittydesign Touring Car Body Front Foam Kit - BDTC-FM2646

€ 3,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 1-3 dagen
Productcode BDTC-FM264
EAN code 0600740197130
Productcode leverancier BDTC-FM2646
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Bittydesign Touring Car Body Front Foam Kit 


The Foam Kit is a practical accessory ideal for the perfect preparation of any touring bodyshell. 

As shown in the video, the foams are needed to eliminate body vibration from its distance with the front bumper, the kit includes 4 foams (2 and 4mm thick) for the central part and 8 smaller foam (2 and 4 mm thick ) for the side; it is enough to overlay the foam between them to reach the desired thickness.

Not only the foams should be applied to reduce vibrations but at the same time they stretch a lot the life of the body because in case of crash they absorb the blow and also as indicated in the clip they reduce the breaking point of the front wheel arches.


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