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UFRA 1:10 - Pan Car Rear - white rim

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Productcode UFRA 1:10 - Pan Car Rear - white rim
EAN code UFRA 1:10 - P
Productcode leverancier UFRA 1:10 - Pan Car Rear - white rim
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UFRA 1:10 - Pan Car Rear - white rim


These first years of activity have quickly passed since we finished building the real estate part in 2013 with the establishment of the operational and logistics headquarters in the new structure in Bignasco.

The team led by Giacomo Delponte has given new impetus and freshness both in the range of elements that make up the dynamics of the company and in the study and realization of new articles.

In competitions UFRA-TIRES products have given great satisfaction, to us builders in the first place but also to our pilots, who obtaining excellent competitive results have thus confirmed the confidence and reliability of our tyres.

The challenges that await us for the future are still many and not without difficulties, but one of the main objectives is the improvement of the manufacturing process by bringing certain repetitive cycles into automation, where today the new technologies guarantee precision and quality of execution.


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