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Yokomo BD9 Touring Car Kit - Carbon Lower Deck Version - MRTC-BD919

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Yokomo BD9 available from 31 Oct 2018 Touring Car Kit - Carbon Lower Deck Version - MRTC-BD919.


Over 90 percent new parts compared to the current BD8 2018 kit. The integral part of the car is the redesigned carbon fibre main chassis that is machined of a graphite material while adapting a new carbon fibre rear chassis backbone for better control of the rear chassis flex of the Yokomo BD9. To the chassis attach new front and rear aluminium bulkheads that are spaced at 18mm and that now feature ball races for the anti-roll bars in order to improve overall precision.

Next up are the redesigned of the BD9 lower A-arms that feature a completely new shape and material – both in order to offer maximum performance and improved durability of the Yokomo BD9. The front C-hubs, front steering knuckles and rear hubs are also made of a new material as is the newly introduced composite battery mount that does away with the need to use tape for battery mounting. Other new features include an all-aluminium steering, aluminium turnbuckles as well as a redesigned alloy servo mount and aluminium spur gear pulleys that sandwich the Axon main gear. Speaking of Axon, the Asian company was involved in the development of the all-new super low-profile shock absorbers.

+ For Pre-order FREE in amount of 80 €:

  • BD9 Special Car Bag
  • B9-415SG - Steering Block (L/R)
  • B9-413G - Front Hub Carrier (L/R)
  • B9-415RG - Rear Hub Carrier (L/R)
  • B9-008FG - Front Lower Suspension Arm (L/R)
  • B9-008RG - Rear Lower Suspension Arm (L/R)



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