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Intellect Lipo LiHV 120C 2S Shorty 5000mAh 7.6V - IPBG2S5000HV4

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Intellect Lipo LiHV 120C 2S Shorty 5000mAh 7.6V  

For 2019 are Intellect's range of awesome LiPo batteries! The new Intellect LiHV HV4 will display a higher voltage and power than 2018 models.

Bench-marked against other leading brands, Intellect batteries provide higher performance for the same specification of battery.

2019 batteries are all Silicon-Graphene based LiHV. Silicon Graphene packs have improved cycle time when charged at 1C rates and can be charged at a higher C rating, with less risk of damage to the pack. LIHV technology has the ability to be charged to 4.35v per cell, but normal racing regulations allow up to 4.2v so LIHV are much safer.

To address market demands 2 options nominally are available Hi Power and Long RunTime.

BRCA/EFRA Legal as of April 2019


Hi Power

25.1H x 47W x 96L mm




5mm Plugs

Connectors and balance lead supplied.

Read all instructions before use.


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