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ARROWMAX AM-170080 Quick-Tweak Station For 1/8 On-Road Cars & 1/10, 1/12

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As chassis tweak being one of the most important aspect on setting up a car, with a tweaked chassis it will perform irregularly and create all kind of symptoms that will resemblance a wrongly set up car. To make sure the chassis are correctly set up, first you will have to make sure the chassis are level and not tweaked. Arrowmax are now introducing its first ever tweaking station that can cater all the different on-road classes, including 1/10th and 1/12th electric pan car, 1/10th nitro and electric touring car, and 1/8th scale nitro/electric pan car. The station are super easy to use, laser engrave track width marking, wheelbase being adjustable on a super smooth center rod with full ball bearing support, a super precise spirit level which are viewable from multi angle. Made by high quality aluminum, the tweaking station are both light weight and compact. Come in Arrowmax gun-metal grey and suitable for all serious racers.


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