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Novarossi Exhaust Gas Cooler fucsia anodized - 36000

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Novarossi Exhaust Gas Cooler fucsia anodized - 36000


Exhaust Gas Cooler fucsia anodized to increase runtime on 1 fueltank. Useable with all engines.

During the onroad Euros held last week in a very hot Valencia many drivers had problems making the full 5mins on a single tank. Novarossi's R&D department had been working on an 'Exhaust Gas cooler' prototype part, these were handed out to drivers including Collari, Balestri, Pietsch, Pirani, Lacknar & Vuga; the exhaust gas cooler enabled the drivers to extract the full potential from the 359 .21 engines without needing to worry about going the full 5 minutes anymore.
The secret behind the 'EGC' is as the name suggests removes some of the heat from the exhaust gas that returns to the fuel tank via the pressure line from the pipe. This lowers the temperature of the fuel and thus increases the runtime. The part will be anodized purple, and is designed for engines from 2.1cc up to 4.66cc both on and offroad


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