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Brilliant RC ''magic pipe protect'' 60g - BR7007

€ 17,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
Op voorraad - Levertijd 1-3 dagen
Productcode BR7007
EAN code BR7007
Productcode leverancier BR7007
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Brilliant RC ''magic pipe protect'' 60g - BR7007

The Brilliant RC ''Magic Pipe Protect'' is the latest addition to the product line of innovative accessory for Nitro RC racers. 
A small amount of Magic Pipe Protect is enough to prevent a new and shiny exhaust pipe from getting dirty too fast. 
Applied before hitting the track the first time you can simply wipe it off afterwards to keep the pipe in a shiny state.
In addition Magic Pipe Protect has a higher thermal conductivity compared to conventional silicone greases to prevent the exhaust pipe from becoming thermally insulated. 
It's coming in a bottle with a small brush to guarantee an easy and save application as even the smallest amounts of silicone-based lubricants inside a nitro engine can cause massive problems.


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