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Team Corally - Engine Heater C-41001

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Team Corally - Engine Heater


Released by Team Corally, the Team Corally engine heater.

The Team Corally engine heater will ensure that all critical parts of your nitro engine are preheated, minimizing stress and wear on the engine. The Team Corally engine heater relieves the stress on the crankshaft, con-rod, piston and bushing during warm-up. It also gives you a very easy and smooth engine start, without stress on your starter box. Fuel consumption is much less, as you don't have to spend time warming up and adjusting your engine. A pre-heated glow-plug will increase the life of your plug. The Team Corally engine heater is also perfect for running you nitro engine, because it reduces the "pinch" on your new engine. You will find that engine preheating is a must. More importantly, the Team Corally will pay for itself quickly by increasing engine life and performance!


Features of the Team Corally enigine heater are:
Small, light, compact
MCU control on heating time and heating power for maximum safety.
Safety timer: sets the power for about 10 minutes automatically.
Built-in temperature sensor: control the heater output power.
12V DC source with low voltage cutoff.
Fireproof and heat resistant adjustable valve.
Fits all 0.19-0.26 RC nitro engines.
Very small, lightweight and compact for quick and easy storage.
It is designed to transfer heat effectively and efficiently.

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