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Team Shepherd Velox F1 1:10 Kit (incl. ETS legal wings and body)

€ 319,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 6-15 dagen
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Team Shepherd is proud to announce the Team Shepherd Velox F1 Formula pancar.

New from the scratch and developed in close cooperation with some experienced formula drivers the Velox F1 is a combination of well-proven features and new innovations. Two hardcoated tube dampers and a VRS absorber with a floating piston instead of a membran take care of the damping duties.

The carbon fiber chassis is designed for the use of a standard or LCG 2s shorty lipo which can be installed in a front or rear transversal position to finetune the weight balance. To adjust the caster different moulded inserts are used while it's possible to finetune the camber with r/l turnbuckles.

The rear powerpod is equipped with a 18-ball differential which is adjustable from the outside. The rear ride height can be adjusted with shims and the excentric inserts allow a short and a long wheelbase setup. Included in the kit are adjustable ETS-legal front and rear wings as well as a lexan body and the release date is planned for early 2016.

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