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HB Racing HB RGT8 GT On-Road Race Kit 1:8 - HB115770

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HB Racing HB RGT8 GT On-Road Race Kit 1:8 - HB115770

The popular 1/8th scale Nitro GT Class continues to grow worldwide. The class features cars based on 1/8 buggy platforms, so the cars are simple & durable, and longer suspension travel allows them to be raced on temporary tracks in parking lots. Simple tuning and attractive prices adds to the equation and is a big part of the growth of the Nitro GT class around the world.

The new HB RGT8 from HB Racing features a chassis that is based on the World Champion D815 buggy. It's highly adjustable for a variety of track conditions, with race-proven durability and performance. The Race DNA from the D815 means the HB RGT8 is fully developed and super strong. Spare parts and option parts are shared with the D815, so they're readily available at hobby shops around the world.
High performance parts are found throughout the HB RGT8 such as a 2 speed transmission, lightweight diff gears, rubber CVD boots, steel turnbuckles, machined engine mount and a 3mm 7075 chassis. The suspension features 16mm big bore threaded coilover shock absorbers and stiff monocoque suspension arms, front and rear sway bars, hinge pin inserts for easy toe and anti-squat settings, new adjustment of the rear camber link locations plus machined aluminum caster blocks, steering blocks and rear uprights. The steering system features an alloy servo saver arm, aluminum drag link, steel turnbuckles and woven carbon fiber steering arms on the steering blocks. Alternate arm mounts, steering blocks, caster blocks, steering arms, rear hub carrier arms and sway bars are all available to tune the HB RGT8 to any track or driving style.
  • Upgraded central drivetrain with CVD boots
  • 43/13 diff gear ratio with lightweight gears
  • Split center bulkhead
  • Sintered brake pads & metal rotors
  • One-piece radio tray fits most LiPo battery packs
  • Rear upright design
  • Carbon graphite rear hub carrier arms
  • Aluminum servo saver arm
  • Protective boots on central drivetrain
  • One-piece lightweight wing mount
  • Aluminum caster blocks with extra hole
  • Aluminum steering blocks with carbon graphite steering arms
  • Stand-up servo mounting
  • Enclosed radio box
  • Composite chassis braces
  • Steel turnbuckles
  • Big bore threaded coilover shocks
  • 5mm carbon fiber front and rear shock towers
  • Aluminum arm blocks
  • Hinge pin inserts
  • HB monocoque suspension arms
  • Threaded outer hinge pins
  • Sway bars front and rear
  • Lightweight spur gear
  • Lightweight diff outdrives and center inputs
  • Rubber CVD boots
  • Lightweight front aluminum axles
  • Racing fuel tank with stone filter clunk
  • Steel skid plate
  • Tuning options include: steering blocks, arm blocks, steering arms, rear hub carrier arms, sway bars, shock springs and more
  • The RGT8 is supplied in kit form, so racers can choose their own wheels, tires, body, engine and electronics.






  • Monocoque Suspension Arms
  • Fully Adjustable Suspension
  • Adjustable Body Posts
  • Foam Front Bumper
  • Adjustable Throttle/Brake Linkage
  • Fuel Tank
  • Adjustable Servo Saver
  • Adjustable Turnbuckles
  • Aluminum Shocks and Hubs
  • Easy Access Electronics Tray

RGT8 Design Team Notes:

  • Uses the same input gear/drive shaft system as the D815, so fewer moving parts and less chance of failure.
  • Shocks are equipped with 'bellows' bladders as pioneered on the D815 to provide volume compensation.
  • Adjustable suspension geometry front and rear. All aspects of the four-bar linkage suspension are tunable.
  • Sintered brake pads and double ground brake discs for fade free braking and consistent brake feel.
  • Convenient electronics tray for easy removal and for easy access to servos.
  • Highly adjustable Ackerman geometry via optional steering knuckle plates.
  • Monocoque suspension arms with reformulated material for increased torsional stiffness.
  • Clamping servo saver nut with an aluminum servo saver arm for more reliable servo saver operation.

#HB115770 HB RGT8 (GT On-Road Race Kit 1:8)

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