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RC4 Transponder (for RC4 Timing System only!)

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Mylaps RC4 Transponder (for RC4 Timing System only!)


Every RC vehicle has an RC transponder installed, that sends out a unique signal to the detection loop in the track. RC Transponders are small and lightweight and have been used in the world of RC racing for many years.

RC4 Transponders are available in different versions


  • The regular RC4 Transponder gives insight into your lap times, connected voltage and ambient car temperature will improve your performance.
  • The RC4 Hybrid Transponder is similar to an RC4 Transponder, but the Hybrid is compatible with older MYLAPS Timing Systems (RC4 Transponders only work when an RC4 Timing System is installed at the track)


Coming soon: the RC4 Pro Transponder

  • It’s smaller, lighter and in all-black.
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