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HUDY Universal Exclusive Set-Up System For 1:8 On-Road Cars - H108005

€ 169,95 € 159,95 (inclusief btw 21%)
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Set-up System for all 1/8 on-road cars: Fits all 1/8 nitro on-road cars.

Set-up system is used for adjustment of:
• camber & camber rise
• caster
• front and rear toe
• steering throw symmetry


click to enlarge Main features:
• backlash-free, wobble-free mounting
• fully ball-bearing equipped set-up stands (12 high-precision ball-bearings)
• ultra-smooth, ultra-precise movement and operation
• CNC-machined, hard coated high-grade aluminum set-up stands
• CNC-machined, ultra-precise aluminum set-up hubs
• CNC-machined, tough acrylic plastic toe/steering plate
• precision engraving for instant, reliable readings


Having the best car setup is one of the most important factors in winning races. The Hudy Set-Up System is the best and most popular set-up tool in the RC world!

Precision-machined, hard-coated high-grade aluminum components allow very easy and accurate set-up of your 1/8 on-road car.

The entire system is very small, light, and well-designed for comfortable and fast transport, and “one screw assembly.” The engraved scales and markings are easy to read, and all parts move very freely due to precision ball-bearings.

All Hudy Set-Up Systems allow you to comfortably and easily measure and adjust camber & camber intake, caster, front & rear toe, and steering throw symmetry.




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All components have precision engraving for instant, reliable readings.
Fully ball-bearing equipped for smooth, precise operation.


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Caster adjustment.


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Precise rear camber & camber rise adjustment is important to ensure even tire wear and traction.


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Precise front camber & camber rise adjustment is important to ensure even tire wear and traction.


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Steering throw symmetry adjustment.


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Rear toe adjustment.


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Front toe adjustment.


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Carrying box with foam inserts for smart and safe storage and trasportation.


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Includes a handy set-up guide with in-depth theory on all set-up adjustments. Over 56 pages and more than 140 photos! Tips and tricks used by pro drivers are described to enable you to set-up the car as the pros do.


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The set-up system consists of:
4 wheel plates (square)
4 camber gauges (triangular)
1 toe gauge plate
2 alu shims (to be used with Serpent cars)

Assembly/disassembly is very quick and straight-forward.



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