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Vartax New 2022 ARC-Capricorn-Infinity - 180310

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Vartax New 2022 ARC-Capricorn-Infinity - 180310


Machined Ergal aluminum bell housing with nickel plating treatment to improve strength and wear.

Variable weight roller system design.

The new system with rollers gives a very strong and continuous thrust to the plate, without ever losing power in the mid and high RPM.

The rollers always push in a constant and continuous way, their thrust is guaranteed by the mass of the rollers. The rollers are channelled in lanes obtained from the solid basement.

The new plate is CNC machined from solid, lighter and with more roller travel. 

The Vartax crankcase is CNC machined from solid, anodized steel. 

The Vartax system offers the possibility of various configurations of final thrust, through the use of rollers with different weights, together with the use of the spring with various pre loads of draft.

The 3.5 cc engines of the various brands, have different powers and for this reason it is not possible to set a unique parameter of adjustment, but it is possible to provide a standard parameter with which to start and develop your best set up of the thrust system.

Suggested starting set up:

Use 4 full rollers art 180170 , avoid to put natural or synthetic grease, mount the spring art 818110 / art 818120 and make a minimum pre load from 0,5 +/- .maximum pre load 0,9 we don’t suggest to go over this threshold.  


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