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ARROWMAX AM-700103 AM Lipo 7000mAh 2S TC - 7.4V 55C Continuos 110C Burst

€ 71,99 (inclusief btw 21%)
Levertijd 6-8 dagen
Productcode AM-700103
EAN code 4895175914735
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Arrowmax 7000 mAh 2S: The newest introduction to the ever growing line-up of Arrowmax products. With the high demand of today's EP racing, customer are constantly looking for the edge. Arrowmax newest line-up of batteries are made to perform. With a burst rate of 110C and a continuos rate of 55C, our batteries will handle the toughest requests no matter on-road or off-road. Our 2S 7000 mAh Lipo pack come in an standard hard case with 4mm plugs opening on both side. Perfect for EP Touring cars.

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